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Formulating SEO your strategy

The first step towards maximising your business potential, is through using research and analysis to develop a strategy, aimed at increasing TARGETED traffic to your website.

We strive to give you the largest possible audience, but without analysing trends in your industry, how can you have certainty that your investment will pay off?

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Are you struggling to increase traffic to your site?

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Web2 can help you!

We’re the experts in SEO, content strategy, content writing, technical SEO and online reputation management...in fact all aspects of your web presence.

We bend over backwards to increase exposure, and along with higher search engine rankings and a boost in conversion rates, get you a solid return on investment!

With Web2 you’ll get white hat, organic SEO services. This means that the work we do for you is PERMANENT… and you’ll never have to worry about getting penalised when Google roll out the next algorithm change.

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The Workflow

Research and Analysis of Industry Trends

When we formulate a comprehensive search marketing strategy for you, our first step is to accumulate as much insight as possible regarding your business, your industry, and your competition. Keyword research is by far the most valuable tool...


Technical SEO and SEO Website Design

We build your site from the ground up, using Google onsite guidelines which cover all aspects of SEO. Along with the initial research and analysis, we dedicate resources to technical optimisation, crawl optimisation and meta elements, as well as internal linking structure...

Content Creation and Marketing

Content creation is the primary means with which to spread your online influence across a range of channels. Your content needs to be unique, attractive, informative and optimised for search engines, created regularly, and distributed in ways to provide the greatest reach for your brand...


What this means for your business

ROI is critical: As a business owner you need to know that you’re putting money into something that will give back a profit. Done correctly, a digital marketing campaign will give back far more, and for less, than any other form of advertising. Web2 digital marketing strategies offer the ability to precisely measure user engagement and deliver conversions on a number of platforms.


What makes Web2 different

At Web2, we DO NOT offer predefined service packages or lengthy contracts. Instead we create a digital marketing strategy completely tailored to your unique business, to your specific goals, and to your budget.

Our company's goal is to help you utilize your business assets, from talent to data – and transform them into a digital presence that maximizes the high ROI of search channels, while engaging your customers

Web2 SEO services include both consulting and management. If your organisation needs support with strategy implementation, managing your in-house team, content optimization, and reporting and analysis, we can build a custom solution that fits your budget and leverages your resources.

Additional Services

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